My husband Toby a.k.a. (@fsutoby) and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on June 17th.  To celebrate, we were planning on going to Key West with SXSE (@SXSE).  So I asked the folks at GM (@GMSouthEast) if we could possibly drive one of their fabulous cars to the Keys.  not only did they say yes, but we got the car for a week!  Yeehaw!  However, right before our trip our van needed repairs and that blew our vacation budget for the weekend.

I do hate when reality intrudes on my plans.  But, GM still let us keep the car and gave us a Yukon Denali.  What an a-maz-ing car!!!

Since we had a free tank of gas and a connection at Kennedy Space Center (@ExploreSpaceKSC), we decided to use what little money we did have left over for vacation to head up to Kennedy Space Center.  We ended up staying in Melbourne, an area we had never really been to before.  Our OnStar (@OnStar) guided us safely to our hotel.  After unpacking, we decided to head to the mall so we could all stretch our legs.  Once again, OnStar to the rescue!  After the mall, we wanted to have dinner on the beach somewhere, but ended up aimlessly driving for some time before settling on Mimi’s Cafe.  Dinner was great and we headed back to our hotel.  Good thing Toby really like driving the Denali, because he had to go back to the restaurant to retrieve the blankie that had been left behind.

The next morning, we headed to Kennedy Space Center.

No matter how many times I visit this place, I am always humbled by the accomplishments of our country and space exploration.  Our first stop was the kid’s play area.  We stayed for about 10 minutes or so and then had to flush the little mini out.  She was having so much fun, she didn’t want to leave!  Then we walked around the rocket gardens a bit, with cries of, “I want to ride in a rocket ship” from the little mini.  We explored exhibits we had never seen before such as Early Space Exploration, Nature and Space and the Star Trek exhibit.

After exploring for a bit, we took the bus tour over to the Saturn V.  We are our pizza sitting under a rocket that few men into space and back – incredible.  Then we hopped back on the bus and went to the Astronaut Memorial.  We explained to the big Mini what it was and the sacrifices that others made for space exploration.  We then traveled over to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.  The kids had a blast (no pun intended) playing with the interactive exhibits.  Then a quick stop in the gift shop and we were on our way back home.

Not only was the long ride to and from Melbourne comfortable but Toby and I got to listen to our music while the kids watched Underdog for hours on end.  The little mini liked to wear her “earings” and “helmet” in “her white car”.  She claimed it as hers the first day.  Anyway, for you parents out there, you understand the beauty of the headsets.

The rest of the week, the Denali and I had adventures in Miami (see blog post about Johnson and Wales) and Cirque de Sol.  I so loved driving this beast of a car and can’t wait to get my hands on another one.  Thanks to all our friends at GM for making this week possible 🙂


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