Another School Supply Update……


Here’s the breakdown of this weeks sale ads…..


Buy one get one 50% off – Caliber stationary, 8 pack of sharpies, 10 pack of Crayola markers, 12 pack of Crayola colored pencils, Crayola sidewalk chalk, Avery durable vinyl binders, lunch carriers, backpacks, CVS food storage bags

Buy one get one free – all Scotch tape, all Caliber notebooks, 100% tree-free paper


For just one penny, you can get 2 12″ wooden rulers or Schoolio crayons.

For $0.10 you can get 2 ten packs of Dixon pencils

For $0.50 you can get 4 composition books or 3 glue stick packs

When you purchase 4 OfficeMax 1″ durable standard binders, they are only $1.50 each

When you purchase 4 OfficeMax 1″ durable view binders, they are only $2.00 each

For $7.99 you can get a 4GB Data Traveler 101 USB Flash Drive

Buy 2 get 1 free – fashion binders, folders and notebooks; all Crayola art supplies; select Scotch tape and post-it notes (plus get a free tote bag with the purchase of any 2 post-it or Scotch products and in-store coupon); 8.5 x 11 Boise paper; all OfficeMax poly notebooks; all Avery sticky notes with in-store coupon

25% off dry erase boards; Mead five star folders, zipper pouches and notebooks; Ful backpacks, totes and all water bottles

Buy 2 get 2 free – All Expo dry erase markers; All Bic pens, pencils, highlighters, markers and wite-out


If you purchase $15 or more, you get a free backpack and lunch tote!  Granted, they are not the most beautiful or best quality, but there are donation boxes everywhere for school supplies if you don’t want it.

$0.05 – Pocket folders, vinyl storage pouch, 6″ protractor

$0.69 – cap erasers, Scholastic crayons

$1.00 – Elmers glue, Office Depot stainless steel ruler, notebook 3 hole punch, plastic storage bins, metal storage bins, 5 pack PaperMate pens, 12 pack Office Depot pencils, Office Depot pencil box, Office Depot filler paper, 2 pack Schoolworks kid scissors

$2.00 – PaperPro 1 hole punch, post it super sticky name badge labels (40 pack), 1.6 liter really useful storage boxes, Office Depot brand 8″ scissors, Softsoap Aquarium design hand soap, Prang watercolor set and refill pan, 2 pack liquid paper correction tape, 5 pack PaperMate gel pens

$3.00 – 2 pack Scotch magic tape in dispensers, Mead Five Star notebooks with 2 pockets, milk crates, All Wilson Jones 1″ Lite-Touch View Binders, 3 pack retractable sharpie markers, 72 pack Office Depot pencils, Office Depot Brand clipboard, Mead Five Star reinforced filler paper

$3.99 for 625 sheets of copy paper

$4.00 – PaperPro Evo compact 15 sheet stapler, Office Depot 3 hole punch, Purell, Really Useful organizers and magazine files, Satin pencil pouch 3 piece set, DayMinder pocket planner 4 x 6, 4 pack Sharpie gel highlighters, 12 pack Foray dry-erase markers


The deals just keep on coming at Staples!  There’s only one penny item this week – pocket folders, with or without prongs.  But you can get a pack of 7 black Zebra pens for free with rebate.

Did you miss the free sharpies with the coupon at Target?  You can get 2 sharpies for $0.25 this week! (limit 2)

If you missed the penny cap erasers, they are $0.10 this week! (limit 2)

$0.50 – Liquid white out, slider pencil boxes, jumbo colored paper clips (limit 2), 100 pack of 4 x 6 photo paper after $9.49 rebate

$1.00 – sticky tack, writing pads, compass, dry erase eraser, protractor, journal with pens, 5 x 3 graph notebooks

$2.00 – coupon holder, double sided expo board, 10 piece math set, large washable crayons, write start colored pencils,2 jumbo glue sticks, locker mirror, white out

$3.00  – 8.5 x 11 calendar marker board, Pilot erasable pens, 64 crayons, Purell, construction paper

$4.00  – pack of 4 expo markers

$5.00  – Crayola mini markers and sketchpad, 12 Crayola markers, Swingline compact stapler, twist markers and sketchbook, pastel copy paper (after $3.79 rebate)

The blade 4 GB flash drive is still $5.99 this week, BUT is not an appropriate drive for traveling with or kids.  It is VERY small and doesn’t have a cover on it.

$6.o0  – 12 pack of Papermate Profile pens, pack of 28 mechanical pencils.

$7.99  – Staples slimline, battery operated pencil sharpener (good for the house, not-so-much for the classroom)


Remember to check out the Target coupons every Monday

$1.00 – 6 pack of glue sticks, Fiskears 5″ scissors

$2.50 – up and up 3-subject notebooks or binder bundle; binder pencil pouch; one subject fashion notebook

$3.50 – 3 count Sharpie markers, 24 count Dixon Ticonderoga yellow pencils, Five Star Advance 1 subject notebook, 8″ locker shelf

$7.00 – 14 x 14 message boards, planners


Free with reward dollars – Crayola washable markers.  You purchase them for $2.00 and they give you a coupon for $2.00 to use in the store.

$0.11 for Wexford 2 pocket prong folders

$0.39 – Penway or Wexford 1 subject notebook, 10 pack of #2 pencils, 6 pack of Papermate highlighters

$0.59 – Penway or Wexford filler paper, composition books, 24 pack of crayons, 12 pack of colored pencils

$0.99 – Spash binder, 5 pack corner office or Wexford tab dividers with pockets

$2.99 – 64 Crayola crayons, 20 pack of Crayola washable markers, 10 pack Splash Gel pens, 30 pack Penway or Wexford mechanical pencils, 24 pack of Ticonderoga pencils, Masterlock combination lock

Buy one for $9.99 get one free – High Trails or Anchorage backpacks or book totes

Kleenex – 10 for $10.00 – you must purchase 10 for the deal, but there are other things in the ad if you don’t want to buy 10 boxes of tissues.  If you live in my house, you buy 2 of the deals

Buy one get one free – It’s academic notebook or portfolio


$0.29 – Penway or Wexford 15 count cap erasers or 2 pack of pink erasers

$0.59 – Rose Art 3 pack or single jumbo glue stick

$0.69 – Work Essentials mini stapler, 2 pack Sharpie markers

$0.79 – Fiskars scissors

$0.99 – 30 pack Pentel lead refills, 5 pack Bic Grips mechanical pencils, 20 pack Corner Office or Wexford stick pens or 4 pack dry erase markers, 5 pack Splash liquid highlighters

3 for $1.00 – Corner Office or Wexford legal pads, 100 pack Acco paper clips


$0.20 spiral notebooks

$0.97 – school box; Fiskars flexible ruler; 2 pack erasers; 40 cap erasers; 2 hole pencil sharpener; solid color binder pouch

$1.47 – Fiskars 5″ scissors with sheath and decorative stickers; Bic brite liner highlighers

$1.94 – Avery 1″ durable binder

$1.97 – Crayola washable crayons, large crayons, washable watercolors, washable markers; character notebooks; bonus sized construction paper; 10 count black, sharpened Ticonderoga pencils; Elmers X-Treme glue stick (there was a printable coupon for this a bit ago)

$2.47 – Fashion notebook; PaperMate profile pens

$2.50 – Avery plastic dividers (3 hole punched, 5 pack, 2 pockets)

$2.74 – 1″ durable binder with clear cover

$3.47 – PaperMate ClearPoint mechanical pencils

$3.97 – character pencil pouch

$10.00 – Pro Platinum 1.5″ zipper binder

$12.88 Sandisk 8GB flash drive

That’s it for this week.  Happy shopping!!!


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    • You’re more than welcome 🙂 I’ve heard that about a lot of middle schools – most teachers give their list out on the first day. My suggestion would be to do exactly what you’re doing 🙂 You know you’re going to need pens, pencils, paper. When you see folders for a penny and notebooks for $0.20, it makes sense to roll the dice 🙂 You can always donate or hold on to supplies you don’t need this year.

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