A few weeks ago, Toby got a call from our good friend Jewel (@TheTINYJewelBox) about an event she wanted him to participate in.  Jewel truly lives a fabulous life and I tell her all the time I want to be her when I grow up, so if Jewel is offering an invite, we’re going!  We didn’t have much information about the event, other than there would be challenges throughout Ikea (@IKEA_Sunrise), twitter was important and the prize was $5,000 in gift cards for the team to split among up.  They could have stopped and started with that information.  I love to shop, I love Ikea and I love free stuff.  Being that the there were 11 teams of 4, Toby was recruited to be on the team and I was to be an on-site cheerleader.

So Toby and I dropped off the minis and headed over to Ikea to play.  When we got there, we were directed to the dining room sales floor.  We were greeted with a buffet of meatballs, caviar, fruit and some Swedish sweets.  We spent some time eating and socializing with our social media friends.  Then it was time to begin!  All the team members of #IKEAJFabTeam Toby (@fsutoby), Jewel (@TheTINYJewelBox), Zippy (@zipporahs) and Shirley (@swaknin)  were given the famous blue bag and their first clue.  The air horn sounded and the teams were off!  They did activities such as eating 20 meatballs, making a bed, putting a slipcover on a chair, finding a stuffed broccoli (easy since we had about one for the Big Mini 2 days prior) and planking on a bunk bed.

Now while the team was racing around the store, up and down the stairs and figuring out the clues, the cheerleaders were parked in the dining area, enjoying some snacks and drinks and tweeting our hearts out.  We quickly figured out we had the better end of the deal.  We tweeted our thoughts.  We tweeted where the team was.  We tweeted what we were eating.  We retweeted the team members.  We tweeted out to celebrities in hopes they would retweet us.  We were sure we were losing followers.  We tweeted and tweeted and tweeted and tweeted and, well, you get the idea.

Finally, our team made it back to the tables to join us in our tweeting efforts.  Due to the fact that service was spotty and they were busy running around to complete the tasks, they didn’t get to do too much tweeting during the event.  They made up for lost time as soon as they hit the tables with us.  We all reached out to everyone we could think of and soon, people were tweeting out all kinds of things with the #IKEAJFabTeam hashtag.  Tweets such as “Katie Walters (@KatieWaltersBzn) RT @SweetiesReviews Downloading the #BlogHer11 app right now. Has anyone tried it yet? #ikeajfabteam #capturethecatalog // I think its fab!”  Nothing really to do with us, but still supporting the cause.

Time was up before we knew it and there was a break for the coordinators to tabulate the results.  Our friends Emily (@EmilyOnTheAve), Agustina (@agustinap), Michelle (@mimi2point0) and Tater (@MommaDADE) on the #IKEAVixens won an honorable mention for third place and the award for Team Spirit.

Then they announced the winner for most impressions for the night.  That was our own Zippy (@zipporahs) with 500,000 impressions!!!!  A-MAZ-ING!!!

Second place went to our friends on Staci (@STACISMAIL), Leah (@BeahBunnie), Dee Dee (@dee_deez) and Ellie (@EllieM72#IKEASistaSLED.

Finally, they announced the winner of the contest.  Now, once they told us that Zippy was the winner with the most impressions, we kinda figured we had it, but we didn’t want to count any chickens before they were hatched.  Then the announcement came – Team #IKEAJFabTeam won the $5,000 contest!!!!

We went nuts!!!!  What an incredible contest and night.  Ikea did a fabulous job of putting this event together and everyone walked away with something, as all the teams got to keep everything the collected along the way.  Thanks so much to Jewel for inviting us to participate in this fabulous event.  Thanks to all our fabulous teammates.  Thanks to Ikea for hosting this wonderful event.  And now…..time to shop!!!


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