School Supplies – Part Three…..


Here are the deals for this week.  Things seem to be winding down a bit.  Remember, after all the sales, look for clearance, especially at Target.

Also, our tax-free holiday is August 12 – 14, so you can get deals from 2 weeks during this time, as the deals restart on Sunday 🙂

For you teachers out there, this is Teacher Appreciation weekend for Staples and Office Depot.  If you’re in South Florida, I go to Staples on 441 and Atlantic first, grab the bag and head over to Office Depot on University and Atlantic.  They have a MUCH better event – raffles, coupons, breakfast, vendors.  Then I head to Sample and 441 to Office Depot and the Staples on Lyons and Hillsboro.


Buy one get one 50% off – Georgia-Pacific paper, Elmer’s, Expo, Paper Mate, all crayons, all Avery binders

Buy 1 get 1 free – Caliber 2-pocket folders, Paper Mate pens, Caliber composition books and paper, Pilot G2 pens

Spend $15 on Five Star notebooks and binders, get $5 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB)

Office Depot – Flash your Star Teacher card this week and get 20% off your purchase.

$0.01 – School glue

$0.50 – 1″ flexible poly binders, all foray rollerball and porous point pens, paper mate pink  pearl erasers, Office Depot staple remover

$1.00 – 5 pack of black Sharpies, a ream of paper, after rebate in the form of a prepaid Visa card, Office Depot hole punch, Office Depot brand fashion composition books, Paper Mate Profile pens (4 pk), fashion paper clips, mini milk crate

$3.00 – really useful storage boxe (5 pk), Sharpie accent retractable highlighters (5 pk), Arrowhead water (20 pk), Fiskars scissors, Office Depot mini clipboard, Office Depot color coded sheet protectors

2 for $5 – select Zebra writing

$5.00 –  Energizer AA/AAA (10 pk), Expo washable dry erase markers with board, Kodak glossy photo paper (100 sheets), Mead meal planning notepad, iPoint curve battery pencil sharpener, mesh wire wastebasket

$10.00 – 3 drawer table top chest, Sharpies (24 pk), 6″ classic cut compact trimmer

2 for $6 – select Paper Mate, Sharpie and Expo

25% off backpacks

40% off select coloring writing.  If you like Crayola on facebook, there are coupons here.  These are RARE.

Office Max

$0.01 – Office Max filler paper – wide or college rule – limit 3

$0.10 – Paper Mate blue or black ballpoint pens – limit 3

$0.25 – Schoolio Poly 2 or 4 pocket folders  – limit 6

$0.50 – 4 oz glue and glue stick combo – limit 3

$0.75 – Paper mate mechanical pencils – limit 3

$7.99 – Kingston 4GB flash drive

Buy 2 get 1 free – All Crayola art supplies, all Avery glue sticks, Avery big tab 5 or 8 tab insertable plastic pocket dividers, Office Max premium laminated pocket folders, all In pLace heavy duty view binders, post it notes, Office Depot poly notebooks, Wausau paper Astrobrights, select scotch tape and dispensers, all locker accesories

Buy 2 get 2 free – All bic markers, pens and wite-out, all Sharpie permanent markers. All Uni-ball pens and pencils, Office Max blue or black dry erase markers (12 pack) or dry erase erasers

Buy any iPoint pencil sharpener, get a pack of 24 Ticonderoga pencils free

Buy Pentel R.S.V.P. red, green or black ballpoint pens (5 pk) and get Pentel champ automatic pencils.


$0.50 – Paper Mate white or black pearl premium eraser, composition book – limit 3

$1.00 – 1 subject notebook – limit 3, Sharpie accent liquid highlighters (5pk) – limit 2, Avery big tab 5 insertable dividers – limit 4

$2.00 – Office Max ream of paper, select pencil pouches or just basics yellow pencils (72 pk) – limit 3

$5.00 – Paperpro compact stapler – limit 1


$0.10 – composition books – limit 3, with $5.00 minimum

Free after rebate – Zebra mechanical pencils

$0.25 – really useful boxes, paper clips (100 ct),

$0.50 – Fiskar scissors, 1 subject spirals, Avery 5 tab dividers, ream of paper (after rebate)

$1.00 – Noris colored pencils, 3 hole binder punch, mini stapler, memo book, 5.5″ x 8.25″ graph-ruled notebook, 3″ x 4.25″ memo book with magnetic closure, Bic matic mechanical pencils (5 pk), glue sticks (4 pk)

$2.00 – Paper Mate magic rub erasers, Staples Remarx dry erase markers, poly zip envelopes

$4.00 – 3.5″ x 4.5″ patent leatherette journal, Globe-Weis 10 pocket poly project organizer, Sharpie liquid pencils (2 pk), Sharpie med. pens (4 pk), Pentel EnerGel Express rollerball pens (5 pk)

$5.00 – Staples better 5″ x 8″ binder, Swingline smooth grip staplers, Staples 3″ x 3″ Stickies (18 pk), Locker Planet 10″ high wire stac-a-shelf, Locker Planter wipe off board with marker, 3-D dry erase board, Bic brite liner highlighters (8 pk), 12″ x 12″ cork tiles (4 pk)

$10.00 – Staples gel pens (36 pk)


$0.20 – pencil sharpener, smudge-free eraser, glue stick (2 pk), school glue

$0.50 – up and up pencil box, wooden pencil, pencil pouch, poly folder, index cards, Paper Mate Eagle ballpoint pents, Mead spiral Rose Art markers, colored pencils, crayons. (The crayons are free with purchase of the markers or colored pencils)

$0.90 – up and up poly one subject, pencils (24 pt), kid scissors (2 pk), Bic mechanical pencils (2 pk)

$1.00 – Five Star one subject notebooks, 90 ct. post-it notes, Sharpie black markers (2 pk), Shaprie highlighers #3 pk)

Toys R Us

All Crayola crayons, pencils, markers, pain, dry erase, color wonder and color explosion are Buy One Get One Free.  In addition, if you spend $9.99 or more on any Crayola purchase, you get a Giant Game Pad free.

Buy a backpack priced at $12.99 or more and get a free lunch kit valued up to $9.99


Buy an Anchorage or High Trails backpack or book tote, get one free

Buy a Mead Five Star notebook, get one free

Crayola crayons are $1.00 and you get $1.00 in Register Rewards back, making them free.

$0.09 – 2 pocket folder (limit 10), designer pencils, Penway highlighters

$0.19 – Penway or Wexford pencils (10 pk), wooden ruler

$0.29 – Penway or Wexford notebook, Paper Mate stick pens (10 pk), Crayola white posterboard,

$0.39 – Paper Mate mechanical pencils, index cards, Penway or Wexford erasers, sheet protectors (10 pk), poly portfolio or binder, 5 tab dividers, index card holder

2 for $1.00 – filler paper

$0.59 – school box, Penway or Wexford  carry all

$0.99 – Uniball gel pens (2 pk), Crayola markers (10 pk)

$1.49 – Dixon variety pack, Ticondroga pencils (10 pk)

$1.99 – Walgreens hand sanitizer, Expo markers (4 pk), PaperMate mechanical pencils (30 pk), Disney tiny toppers or puzzle erasers, Pilot Precise (2 pk), Bic Atlantis (4 pk )

$3.99 – Expo markers (8 pk or dry erase set)

$4.99 – Sharpie Markers (12 pk fine or 5 pk stained)

$8.99 – Bic Mark-It Markers


6 for $1.00 – Penway or Wexford  pocket folders with prongs

5 for $1.00 – Penway or Wexford mini memo or composition books

$0.29 – It’s Academic scissors, 2 pack Elmer’s glue sticks, Elmer’s school glue

$0.39 – Penway or Wexford pencil sharpener

$0.49 – Penway or Wexford composition books

$0.69 – Penway carryall pouch, book covers

$0.99 – correction fluid (2 pk), gel ink pens (4 pk), Walgreens invisible or packing tape

2 for $3.00 – Crayola watercolors and colored pencils (12 pk)

Buy one for $2.99 get one free – Mead Press-It Seal-It envelopes


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  1. Wow! your life sounds like fun I was reading about the Ikea scavenger hunt..sounds like fun..thanks so much for posting about all the school deals. please enter me.

    How do you get invited to do such cool stuff?

    • Hi Minta 🙂 Yes, I have gotten to do LOTS of cool things from twitter. My husband was invited to Ikea by our friend Jewel, we met through twitter. I have a few more posts coming about some other things I’ve gotten to do. If you’re on twitter, my handle is sleEeping 🙂

      You’re welcome for the deals 🙂 I’m guessing I’ll have two more posts before school starts.

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