Common Sense, or Lack Thereof…..


Today’s posting is a case study in two events showing a complete and utter lack of common sense.  There are times when it just takes a little thought to change the outcome of a situation.  In my opinion, here are two such cases.

Case One

On Thursday, a certain bagel joint tweeted out that they were opening at 6:00 AM  the next morning, with “more details to come”.  This tweet was sent around 3:30 PM the afternoon before.  This had me scratching my head, wondering what they were waiting for.  I mean, that’s 15 hours before the opening, which is VERY early in the morning.  Well, no other details came.  And two of my friends showed up at 8:00 AM, two hours after they were supposed to be opened.  They were treated rudely by employees.  The store didn’t accept gift cards.  The store also didn’t have anywhere near a full menu or some of their signature items ready to go.  This is all rather unforgivable.  But what I find really interesting is how all this could have been avoided.

For instance, one of my friends stood outside the store for an hour wearing a shirt from the restaurant.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out she was there to come to their store, especially since the location is the ONLY thing that would have been open and they would have been hard to miss.  Why not go up to them, let them know they are running late to open and won’t have much and apologize.  They might have been a bit annoyed, but not as annoyed as someone who waited an hour to be told the same thing.

To make matters worse, there was a significant lack of response from the twitter account of the company.  They tweeted out, three hours later, “We apologize for the late opening today.  The (blank) location is being taken over by Corporate to ensure customer satisfaction”.  How does this help the people who were treated so poorly?  The next tweet was this, “We will have a full menu and will accept gift cards.  Hours are 8 am to 8pm 7 days a week”.  To me, both these tweets are a slap in the face to the people who were given wrong information by the same tweeter.  They never acknowledged the issue to them.  I’m told both people were contacted by DM, but how does that help the brand?  It doesn’t.  They still sit with egg on their face.

Personally, I would have tweeted out a profuse apology and invited both of them back for VIP treatment at the restaurant.  As it stands now, despite loving the product and living close by, I’d be surprised if either one of them return.  I also love the product but will not go back to that location ever, even though it’s 5 minutes from my house.  I too have had rude treatment from an incompetent staff.  Whether corporate takes it over or not, the brand is tarnished in my opinion.

Case Two

There was an article in the paper about a Charter school in Miami hosting after hours parties.  Parents were complaining about faint cigarette smells in the school.  Random beer bottles were found on campus.  Administration (of course) denied any wrongdoing.  Then, the smoking gun appears.

The address of the school is clearly printed on the bottom of this flyer.  The school again denied it.  Said the party was happening, but it was up the street at a dance hall.  That part was true – after they were caught.  The dance hall wasn’t booked until AFTER the story broke.  The school tried to say the printer changed the address.  I grew up in a print shop.  These days, you show up with something to be printed and the printer wouldn’t have the opportunity to change it.  Excuse, after excuse, after excuse.  And they could give them because of a lack of common sense.

If I was a reporter and I had information that an illicit party was going to go on IN AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, why would you break the story the day before?  Why not show up to the party, interview people, take pictures and THEN break the story.  Hard to deny that it happened when their was hard evidence that it did.  Again, shaking my head at what seems so obvious to me, not-so-much to others.

I’m sure there are many other cases of lack of common sense out there.  I do wonder why this is.  Maybe it has something to do with students no longer being taught to think for themselves, but to regurgitate information for an all encompassing test.  Whatever the cause, I hope we find it soon and reverse it.


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