Back and Blogging….


This school year is coming to a close and I’m resolving to do a few things…..

1. Crossfit….Again
I was doing GREAT! I wasn’t going to win any competitions anytime soon, but I felt good and noticed changes in my body. I was eating right and working out at Crossfit 3 times a week and walking to breakfast on Sunday. Then my Dad went into the hospital for a week. And then I didn’t feel great. And then my grandfather had surgery. And then I just didn’t feel like going. But I know I have to work out. I also know that I felt great mentally and physically when I went to Crossfit. So I’m committing to going back 3 times a week – most likely in the morning so I can get it out of the way and not sweat to death in the non-air conditioned box.

2. Back to Eating Right
I was on program for awhile there. I even competed in The Biggest Loser at work. I placed in the way bottom. Again, life just got in the way of me taking care of myself. I know that I need to take care of myself for me and for my family. So,I’m resolving to get on and stay on a healthy eating path.

3. Blogging
I really enjoy blogging. During the summer, I was blogging once a week and was really planning on blogging every week throughout the school year. Then I got into the school year and got really tired and sucked into work and kids and working out and reading 50 Shades and playing Pioneerville and blogging also fell away. So, I’m adding a weekly post to my list of resolutions.

Running Theme

It seems that there’s a running theme here. In the journey to take care of the kids in my classroom and my kids at home and my family, I’ve lost sight of taking care of myself. This is evident in my giving up things I enjoy and things I know I need to do to be health. So here I go, ready to take off this summer to a new and improved me.


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  1. Instead of a summer reading list, you have a summer “will do” list…I love it! It is so easy to forget about ourselves as we are busy managing the waves of life…our kids, our jobs, our families, our finances, our own self imposed expectations of being great….the list goes on and on. We like to, no…NEED to, believe that we can surf those waves quite easily…and most times we can. And as the waves slowly swell and grow to become more demanding than the last, our commitment to navigating them grows at an equal rate. We MUST be able to manage them…if not, what does that mean about us? Are we inadequate, are we incapable, are we just a big fat liar pretending to be Super Woman all the while knowing we are just the female version of Clark Kent fumbling around hoping (with fingers and toes crossed) that everything works out? So we make sure that is NOT the case and give our all to all…except ourselves of course. Then there are those waves that just seem like they consume us…threaten to overwhelm us. A family member gets sick, finances quickly go south, the scale now reads ten pounds more than it did yesterday (Yes, TEN POUNDS overnight!)…everyones tsunami is different and comes wrapped in a different package…nonetheless, we all have our own personal tidal wave or waves to face. The amazing part of it is NOT how graceful, or fit, or primped, or even sane we appear as we fumble our way back onto the surfboard…the truely miraculous part is that we always get back on…we refuse to just let the board float away. Somehow, we reorganize and regroup. We are relentless in our commitment to not give up. We may not always get it right, but we always get back onboard. As I approached my 40th birthday this year, I started to think about this a lot. I finally figured out that we have to value, REALLY value what we do..yes, we ARE great…even when we goof up! Once I started to look at and appreciate my daily battle with the strong and sometimes terrifying tests of life we all must face and have no choice but to pass…when I gave my life the true value it deserved, I finally realized that although we all are forced to surf those scary waves, we do not all use the same board. Your body and soul are the board, if you don’t care for them, nourish them, maintain them to be the best they can be, the ride will be far more difficult. I have resolved to make my ride the best it can be…and to do that I have to take care of my board before everything and everyone else. So I guess what I’m saying Sleeeping Sara is DITTO 🙂

    • As always, your words are inspiring 🙂 Thank you for always being a guiding force in my life. Even if time and distance separate us, there seems to be a connection always my friend 🙂

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