Keep On Trucking….


So, summer is here, NYC trip (post coming soon) is over and time to get back to the reality of getting my physical and mental houses in order. To that end….

Back to Crossfit Hardcore

I am sooooo thankful for my Crossfit family. I am probably the least athletic person there, but it doesn’t matter. They support me. They cheer me on. They kick my butt. And they don’t treat me like I’m anything less because I can’t do as much as everyone else. The trainers are aware of my limitations and work within them. I’m so grateful for all of this, as not all boxes are equal.


Went to see a new doctor for a yearly physical. I’m still working with the amazing and fabulous Reid from Nutrition Direct (inbox me for contact info on him) on controlling my blood pressure. The doctor did inform me that I could be damaging my heart, kidney, liver, lungs, knees, fingernails and belly button. I’m also at risk for stroke, embolism, heart attack, zombism and death by daring to work with Reid and treat my symptoms holistically. We had a spirited discussion about drug companies and drug trials and agreed to disagree. I felt a bit like Elaine though.

Work, Work, Work

I’m gearing up for a new school year by doing copious amounts of research on Pintrest. No, seriously, I’m working. And then taking a Xanax after getting completely overwhelmed by the thousands of great ideas out there.

I really am working though – my goal is to have an extensive Daily Five plan in place, as well as a better system for Interactive Notebooks.

So, I’m still trucking along with my goals to be better inside and out. But I will be taking a break from all of this for a week, as I’ve decided to keet Frick and Frack home this week from camp. Please, wish me lots of luck with that, I think I’m going to need it…..


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