Shopping for Teachers


OfficeMax this year is doubling their limits for teachers. Not on the items that have rebates, but anything in the store, even items with the coupon. I was doing the happy dance as I was able to get 4 reams for colored paper for $12 and 20 free folders!!!


So in the past, Staples let teachers buy 25 of the penny items, without a minimum purchase. A few years ago, they changed it that we had a 25 limit with a $5.00 minimum purchase. This year, they pretty much disbanded the program. Teachers can purchase 2 of the item for a penny and the rest at regular price. However, they will reimburse the full price amount in reward dollars. So for the deal this week, we’d have to pay about $64 out of pocket for glue, crayons and pens and get it back in reward dollars. As if any of us have that kind of money for crayons, glue and pens.
I have always praised Staples for their program as a way to give back to the classroom. We’re buying these supplies, out of our own pocket for our classrooms, not to sell on eBay. I will be writing to Staples to express my displeasure with this new policy and encourage other teachers to do the same.


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