My New Shoes


PeteMy kids both had an amazing teacher, Mrs. Goldstein. Bailey had her for first grade, Riley for K/1 as a multiage student. I tell people she’s the teacher I want to be when I grow up. She has several books around the room for kids to write in when things happen to them. Things that are important to a child. Things such as loosing a tooth and getting a new pair of shoes. I got a new pair of shoes. This would be my entry into the New Shoes book…

I have a new pair of shoes on my feet. They make me fly. They are magical. They help me walk. They help me run. The are black with blue and green on them. The laces are black and made of suede, which is so cool because they are unique like me. Well, we are all unique really. When I put my shoes on my feet, I feel like I can do anything. They are soooo comfortable and when I put them on, I feel like I’m walking on air. I love my new shoes. They help me outrun the zombies that chase me on my run. Those Zombs will never catch me with my new shoes on my feet. I’m so glad I got my new shoes and that I am taking them on this journey…or are they taking me. I suppose we are taking it together. So here’s to new shoes and all the joy they bring. I will love them even when they are old and tattered because they were here at the beginning of important change.


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