Key West, Take Three…



A few years ago, we headed down to Key West to celebrate our anniversary. We loved the trip so much, we decided to make it a yearly tradition, complete with a hashtag (#SrebKeys,#SrebKeys# this time). This is what happens in a social media family folks. This was our third trip and we were so lucky to be generously given passes to many attractions in the Keys by The Key West Attractions Association. All opinions are my own though. Anyone who knows me would know that anyway 😉

IMG_6911 IMG_6902 IMG_6912

We left at the crack of dawn to head down and make a 1:00 kayak tour at Key West Eco Tours. On the way, we stopped at Robbie’s to feed the Tarpon. If you haven’t done this, do it! Toby did it awhile ago and told me about it. I didn’t think much of it, but when you see these HUGE fish swimming and snapping for the treats you are throwing into the water, it’s pretty amazing.

We continued on our way to beautiful Key West. We had lunch at Geiger Key Marina. A delicious hog fish Caesar salad fueled our kayaking adventure.

The check-in at Key West Eco Tours was easy and amusing. They person working the desk was very funny and friendly. We got checked in, outfitted with waterproof bags for our gear and were on our way.


Joe was our tour guide and he was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was extra helpful when we got stuck in the turtle grass…and the rocks…

We paddled over to a mangrove and then through a mangrove in a tunnel. It was so peaceful, but all kinds of creatures. We saw crabs, coral, fish, all part of the amazing ecosystem that makes up the Florida waterways.


From there, we went on to explore more mangrove areas, always on the lookout for fish, sharks, sponges and jellyfish. We, and by we, I mean Joe, found a hermit crab in a conch shell. There were actually two hermit crabs and much speculation about why there were two of them all tangled up.


Joe scooped up one of the many jellyfish that were around us and put it in his high tech specimen jar for us to get a closer look. So I took a selfie and all I could think of was Spongebob and his jellyfish obsession.


We headed back to the dock right at 3:00, tired, but with many pictures and memories of a beautiful day at sea.

Our next stop was the beautiful Reach hotel. We have stayed at the sister property, Casa Marina, on our last two trips. They are both gorgeous hotels and I can highly recommend them both. The one advantage of The Reach for us is it’s a bit closer to everything. We park the car when we get to Key West and rarely use it again, so I think we will make The Reach our home for our next trip.

Stay tuned for more of our travel adventures…


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