The Day of 22,021 Steps



I have a FitBit and love it. I’m a bit competitive by nature and like having goals to work towards. The FitBit helps with both of those things. This is the journey of the most steps I’ve ever logged in a day…


We got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to head over to Sunset Water Sports to go on a snorkeling trip. I’ve been looking forward to this for months. Even more so when we went to Peanut Island a few weekends ago and went snorkeling. I even bought a waterproof camera for the occasion. However, it was raining when I woke up; raining and windy. We headed out to breakfast at Dunkin Donuts when we got the call the trip was canceled. While I totally understand and wouldn’t want to go out on a boat if it’s not safe, I was disappointed. We headed back to The Reach to regroup.


Our pass from the Key West Attraction Association got us into almost all the museums on the island, so we had a lot of options. We also had a 3:00 boat trip with Fury, so we had to plan accordingly. Our first stop was the Southernmost Point statue to take a picture. Because, you know, you can’t go to Key West and NOT take this picture. I think there’s a law about it or something. We also found a new statue to take a picture with as well. Any of our friend that were at TedX with us a few years ago will really appreciate this one.


Next we went to one of our favorite attractions in Key West, the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. The first part of the conservatory tells you all about butterflies. Their life cycles, the different species, how to plant gardens to attract them, etc. Then you walk through two sets of doors into a butterfly paradise. There’s a winding path through beautiful foliage where you are surrounded by butterflies fluttering around. This trip, we saw more of them and they got closer to us than ever before. Now, we feel a connection to our niece Maddie whenever we see butterflies, so this trip was extra special. We spent a good half hour here, taking pictures, Toby did a periscope and then headed out through another set of double doors into a room with mirrors where you check for hitchhiking butterflies. Apparently they like to escape now and then.


From here, we got on the Old Town Trolley Tour. There are a few trolley tours, but this one gives you two days for the price of one and you can hop on and off. We rode the trolley to Duval street where we shopped at the Pride festival. Then it was time for lunch. I’m not a huge fan of tapas, but two people recommended Santiago’s Bodega to us, one of them being Stephanie, so we headed over for lunch. Much to our surprise, Stephanie and her husband Ari had just gotten there a few minutes before we arrived. So we got to have a bonus meet up with our friends. Lunch consisted of avocado and pear salad, spanakopita, chicken skewers, camembert wedge, brussel sprouts, saganaki ( you MUST get this – it’s flambéed cheese, ‘nough said), patatas bravas, puff pastery, and quesadillas. I didn’t have the patatas bravas as I don’t eat spicy food, but everything else was DELICOUS. If you have the opportunity to go here, go! Oh, and the white sangria was delicious as well.


After stuffing ourselves we took the trolley to the marina. Only problem was we got on the trolley going the wrong way and weren’t going to make it in time. Off the trolley we went and hopped into a cab. We got to Fury and were told that the parasailing was canceled and the rest of the water sports we were going to do would be very rough. We had booked a boat ride to a place in the ocean where we would ride jet skis, kayak, take a banana boat ride, parasail and play on water toys (trampoline, slide, etc). We called to confirm the boat was going out, which it was, but they didn’t inform us of the limitations when we called. And choppy seas and swimming and jet skiing just didn’t sound like much fun to us. The people at Fury were very accommodating and put us on a sunset cruise at 6:30. What to do now…


One of our friends recommended a donut shop that was off of Duval street, Glazed Donuts, so we headed over there, stopping at some shops on the way. However, by the time we got to Glazed Donuts, they were sold out. That’s what happens when you try to go to a gourmet donut shop at 4:00 in the afternoon. So we headed over to Kermit’s for key lime pie. Much like the Southernmost Point photo, you have to have a piece of pie at Kermit’s. It’s simply delicious. And we got to watch the show that was Duval Street and the Pride festival while we ate it. Bonus!


We walked off some of the pie (probably two or three bites of it) and went to the Hemingway House. We went here on our last trip, but didn’t get to take the tour. This time, we toured. Hemingway really has a fascinating story and I recommend this tour on your Key West trip. And if you like cats, they are everywhere. They name them after famous people in the Hemingway era. We met Eleanor Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Duke Ellington, to name a few.


By the time we finished up there, it was time for dinner. Yay, more food! Alonzo’s has a fantastic Happy Hour every day from 4:00 – 6:00. ALL drinks and appetizers are half off. Yes, you read that right. So for dinner, we had smoked fish dip, conch fritters, clams casino, Key West oysters (it had spinach, oysters, cheese and some other good stuff) and a Key Lime martini. It was like a piece of key lime pie in a class. Soooooo good!!!!

IMG_6981 IMG_6985

After dinner we did a little shopping on the docks and headed to our cruise on the Fury Commotion. They had margaritas, beer, wine and snacks. Margaritas FTW! Being that the weather was crappy all day and it was still a bit overcast, it wasn’t the greatest sunset. But the crew on the boat was great, the music was fun and they capped off the night with champagne. Bubbles, another no-no for bariatric patients. But I guess if you’re gonna break the rules, might as well go all out…


Since we spent the day schlepping around in a bathing suit that never got wet, we headed back to the hotel to shower and rest for a bit. Then we walked over to Better Than Sex for dessert. The problem with this place is you need to go with about 10 people. That way you can get one of everything on the menu and not have to chose. Because it was next to impossible to choose our dessert. We settled on the donut holes with cheesecake fondue, a peanut butter pie with cookie dough crust and an amazing coffee. The names of the desserts are naughty, but I can’t remember them and they weren’t on the web site. You will have to check this place out yourself and taste some of the amazing dessert creations. The chef has no formal training, which make her talent all the more special. Make a reservation early though or you won’t get to experience this culinary delight.


After this, we headed back to The Reach. Throughout the day, we walked 22,021 steps, which equals 9.32 miles and 2,829 calories burned. I’m still scared to get on the scale when I get home. That’s a lot of walking, which is great, but it was a lot of eating.

Tune in next time for more of our Key West adventures.


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